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What is milk doing to your coffee?

Lattes, café-au-lait, cappuccinos and so many other delicious treats made from coffee are for many of us favourite guilty pleasures. All involve an imaginative combination of our favourite brews such as LivOn! Antioxidant coffee with various milk products – Milk or cream in their different forms. Hard-core coffee purists would probably not be seen dead drinking anything but thick black coffee. The rest of us like our coffee with a splash of cream or gentle milk foam. But did you wonder what happens to our coffee once we add the milky goodness? Is that cream or milk destroying the precious antioxidants? Or reducing caffeine? Or is it just adding to the coffee a bit of texture and colour and of course delicious taste?

Scientists are obsessed with investigating coffee, so they of course looked into this. After numerous studies, we can relax: adding milk or cream to your coffee is not reducing the antioxidants in coffee. So, your precious antioxidants are safe. Does that mean that we can continue enjoying our guilty pleasure double latte with caramel and whipped cream? Well, there are some other problems with milk in coffee.

The problem with milk is that it has fat and fair amount of calories. And cream, whipped cream have a lot of fat. So, while milk or cream makes good coffee even better, too much of them is not a good idea if you are trying to stay healthy. On the other hand, milk will lower coffee’s acidity, if it is bothering you. So adding milk to your coffee is a personal choice. Just be mindful about not overdoing it. Otherwise, you could simply undo all the goodness your daily cuppa can bring to you.

Tell us how you like your coffee.

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