Hi. Thanks for picking me up. Perhaps you are wondering why we named this blend Professor Starzl. Better known as the father of modern transplantation, he carried out the world’s first successful human liver transplant in 1967. Thanks to his pioneering efforts, millions of people affected by liver health issues could go on to live happy lives.


Yet, there's more work need to be done. That's why we are supporting these guys who are helping people affected by poor liver health: The Liver Group Charity & Liver4Life.


We need more people to join our mission. Head to the 'Beat Liver Disease' page to see how you could get involved. Together we can make liver disease, a thing of the past.


I'm nice as a regular cuppa or cold brewed over ice. However, you want. Bye.



What do I taste like?

Brazilian & Sumatran coffees come together in this medium bodied smooth blend. Chocolate, raisin & hazelnut flavours make this a well-balanced coffee whatever the occasion.

Professor Starzl Blend - Ground Coffee 227g

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