As the summer heats up, your favourite cup of java all of sudden feels much better ice cold. With a few cubes of ice that fog the tall glass you get instant relief from the heat. Refreshing and delicious, your cold brew gives you the expected energy kick to get you ready to start the day. Of course, there are coffee snobs who would not be seen dead drinking their coffee any other way but steaming hot.

Whether you belong to the cold brew team or stick to your hot coffee ritual, there is more to cold vs. hot coffee competition than your personal preference. Most of us drink coffee to wake up in the morning, to get the energy boost in the middle of a project or just for its fragrant deliciousness. But, since the scientists discovered that coffee is the richest source of antioxidants in nature, many of us are combining the pleasure in our favourite brew and getting the nice supply of antioxidants it provides.

You might be wondering what on earth are antioxidants and what are they doing in your coffee. Scientists found that antioxidants are chemicals which prevent the damage to our cells and keep us healthy and make us live longer. So, now we can say that we are drinking coffee for our health and not only for our pleasure. And guess what? Scientists say that hot coffee has more of those precious antioxidants than cold coffee. Sorry, lovers of cold brew. But, there is hope for you. 

If you insist on enjoying your coffee cold, but do not want to short yourself of good antioxidants, LivOn! Antioxidant Coffee is your answer. Whether you prefer pods or ground coffee, with LIvOn! you know that you will get a high concentration of antioxidants. So you can make your coffee any way you like. Our coffees are certified organic and come in compostable packaging.

Coffee is all about enjoyment. With LivOn! Antioxidant coffee, not only can you enjoy great-tasting organic coffee but also get an extra boost of antioxidants. Tell us which of our coffees is your favourite?

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