At LivOn, our vision is to revolutionise your coffee experience. We blend the mental and physical health benefits of coffee with natural ingredients, creating a unique offering that nourishes mind, body, and soul. Our journey began with a personal discovery by our founder, Asanka De Silva. His mother's illness led him to research solutions for improving day-to-day health, ultimately guiding him to the remarkable benefits of coffee.

In 2020, LivOn embarked on its pioneering journey with the introduction of the world’s first antioxidant-rich coffee, a landmark achievement after years of meticulous research and trial products. This launch wasn't merely the unveiling of a new product; it represented the birth of our brand ethos, marrying health with pleasure in every cup. It marked the beginning of our innovative range, setting the foundation for our commitment to enhancing well-being through coffee.

Today, LivOn's range has evolved to include a variety of blends, each tailored to enhance different aspects of your life, from boosting your immune system to aiding restful sleep. Our ethos goes beyond simply crafting exceptional coffee; we are deeply committed to positively impacting the environment, supporting coffee farmers, and enriching the lives of our consumers. LivOn symbolizes a lifestyle that embraces well-being, optimism, and energy. Our promise is to help you live your best life, enriching every day with the simple pleasure of a quality cup of coffee.

In every cup of LivOn coffee, we encapsulate a philosophy that goes beyond the ordinary – it's about enriching your life in every sip, offering coffee for your mind, body, and soul. This commitment to holistic well-being is at the heart of everything we do. As you join us on this journey, you're not just partaking in a ritual of enjoyment; you're embracing a lifestyle of vitality and balance. Welcome to LivOn, where each day begins with a promise of something extraordinary.